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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Benefits of Posting Offers

What is a Hot Deal?

A TFF Hot Deal is a description of a product or service which can be obtained from the organization posting it.

It can include coupons, images, and embedded YouTube videos. The person or organization posting is known as a merchant by TFF as they receive sale receipts, commissions, or fees from its sale or promotion.


Your Hot Deal is viewed by TFF visitors and members
  1. You control your content, presentation, and duration
  2. You gain valuable follow backlinks.
  3. It is very affordable

What We Expect of You

  1. You post your door busters, loss leaders, and Super Deals here
  2. You study this page and refer to it as you try new things.
  3. You avoid posting ads for things we consider offensive.(We are not going to even list examples because we don't want those words on our site)

Revisit this page because it will show more information after you register. It will show still more information after you become a TFF Authorized Merchant.

Help: Use our Contact form or email us at support@tightfistedfinds.com. Don't hesitate, we would love to hear from you.


Public Information for Authors and Those Wanting to be Authors

Authorized Merchants Can Post Hot Deals!

If you are offering products or services for sale, advertising, or promoting them you are considered to be a merchant.

This is the page for you.

This page explains how to do it. Please visit Contact us for help, to suggest improvements, or to let us know what you liked.

Get Registered

  1. Click Register here, or in upper right hand corner of any page page.
  2. Fill out User Registration form.
  3. Note your username and password, but be assured that they will be emailed to you also.
  4. Click [ Register ] at the bottom of the User Registration form.

Revisit This Page After Registering and Logging In

Further instructions for becoming authorized will appear below.

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