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Friday, January 24, 2020
How to Get the Best Use of This Site

Pages in this section tell you how to get the most from the TFF site.
The following headings are links to pages with more information.

How to Register

Registering is the first step towards maximizing your benefits from Tight-Fisted Finds.

After registering you will be able to add your 5-star rating and comment on deals. You will be able to post a Best TFF Find.

We recommend that you read the online documentation about the next step, take it, then read about the step after that and so on.

How to Post a TFF Best Find

All you need to do is register then read How to Post TFF Best Finds. TFF Best Finds are posted by consumers,the general public who purchase items. Authors, journalists, bloggers, speakers, media personalities who advocate for consumers. They benefit when they help consumers get the best deal. They do not have a financial interest or get benefit from sales of the items they post.

How to Post a Hot Deal - (Merchants)

Hot Deals are goods and services offered by businesses. If you are a business owner, manager, operator, representative, marketer, or promoter, etc. you are cordially welcome to post your deals on our site. It is FREE at this time. But you need to register, then read How to Post Deals. That document will tell you how to create a profile upgrading you to a TFF Merchant. You must upgrade to post.

How to Post a Thrifty Tip (Sanctioned Authors)

If you have a good YouTube video, article or other content that will inform our members and visitors how to save money we invite you to become a TFF Sanctioned Author. You need to register then create your profile as a TFF Sanctioned Author. .

How to Report Issues

This page links to our contact page and instructs you to use that to report problems understanding or using the site. Requests, inappropriate posts. etc.

Questions and Answers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Terms of Use

The rules and agreements regarding use of this site.

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